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Lighting design is about function and style. You need adequate lighting for space while also complementing your home’s decor. Here are some steps to follow when choosing the right lighting for your home.

  1. Identify the area you want to enhance with lighting. The right fixture should match the size of the room and provide the kind of lighting needed to complement your design.
  2. Decide the number of fixtures needed to achieve the proper lighting.
  3. Have some fun choosing the design that will add the right touch of flair and character to the space and the surrounding areas. Whether it be modern, rustic, traditional or eclectic, select a design that will stand out.

Lighting Installation

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when adding lighting to the inside or outside your home.

Indoor Lighting

  • A light fixture above a table should be approximately half the width or diameter of the table.
  • Pendants above a kitchen island should sit 28-34” above the countertop.
  • A bath bar over a vanity should be a minimum of 24” wide and mounted 75-80” above the floor.
  • Sconces on either side of a vanity should be approximately 36-40” from one another.
  • For energy efficiency options, try LEDs and GU24s for a warm white light offering a comfortable environment for vanity tasks.
  • Under cabinet lighting is essential inside and under cabinets, providing critical light to the work space.

Outdoor Lighting

  • The height of an outdoor lantern should be based on the height of the door. Two lanterns should measure approximately one-quarter the height of the door. One lantern should measure approximately one-third the height of the door.
  • Landscape lighting illuminates steps and pathways providing family and friends a safe way to move around your property. Path lighting should be placed 6 feet apart to ensure adequate beam spread.
  • Low voltage lights under steps, railings and benches add safety and ambiance to your outdoor decks and patios.
  • When choosing a ceiling fan that is exposed to outside elements, be sure to choose one rated for wet or damp locations.
  • LEDs are more efficient, less toxic, last longer, and get brighter quicker.

The right lighting evokes emotion and sets the mood, transforming spaces into truly magical places! If you need additional help choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home or landscape, give us a call at 724-523-3611 or contact us.

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