Fall Ideas for Your Lighting Fixtures

This fall, spruce up your home by adding new lights inside and out. New lights can be a great way to create the welcoming, cozy home appearance that you have always wanted – and what better time to up your lighting game than fall? Days are becoming shorter, meaning lights will be utilized more and more until spring, thus making fall the perfect time to consider these ideas for your lighting fixtures.

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Light Up Your Sidewalk

Prior to Halloween, add lights along your walkway to make the trek to your door safer for kids! Use orange, purple or red bulbs to create a eerie effect to really tie together your spooky, fall vibes!

Lighting the way to your house makes your home feel more welcoming to guests, and what better time to encourage loved ones to come together than fall? The holiday season is almost upon us, so make sure your home is ready to welcome all of your guests.

Brighten Up Your Porch

Once you’ve added lights to your walkway, consider brightening up your porch! New porch lights can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere before even stepping foot inside your home.

Beyond adding new lighting fixtures, you can utilize string lights to create an even cozier space to drink coffee or tea outside as temperatures begin to cool. Try stacking pumpkins and LED candles in crates, then wrapping string lights around to create beautiful lighted displays for fall! Then, reuse the crates for other seasonal displays to keep your home inviting all year round.

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Incorporate Statement Lighting

Illuminating your space isn’t the only goal for some lighting fixtures. Choose a statement piece to draw attention to a specific focal point in the room while also lighting up the area. Choose a grand chandelier that you can use to display garlands throughout the seasons or choose a statement fixture that allows for fake cobwebs and colorful lighting choices.

Add Lights in Windows

Have you considered placing permanent electric candles in your windows? Create a year-round cozy vibe by bringing candlelight into each of your windows. In the fall, add pumpkins to complete the autumn aesthetic! Each season, simply change out the decoration and enjoy the look of soft candlelight flickering on your windowsill.

No matter which lighting fixture you choose to incorporate fall aesthetics into your Irwin home this year, Hummell Brothers has you covered. Give us a call today at 724-523-3611, contact us, or visit our store in Jeannette – just a short drive away!

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