Ceiling Lights

Lighting Store Serving Westmoreland County

Overhead lighting in the center of a room, whether it’s a flush mount, semi flush or chandelier, will allow for general illumination of the room. Ceilings under 8′ require a flush-mount fixture. Ceiling heights over 8′ work best with a semi-flush light or possibly a chandelier.

Foyer and entry lights should hang no lower than 7′ from the floor. If there is a window in the foyer, the light should hang in the center of the window to be seen from the outside.

Dining chandeliers should hang 32″-34″ above the table. The size of the chandelier is determined by the room size. Take the length and width of the room and add those figures together. The sum converted to inches will equal the correct size of chandelier for the space. (example: a room 10′ + 12′ = 22″ light)

Island pendants are perfect for islands and breakfast bars. Normally, smaller pendants are hung in odd numbered groups and larger pendants are hung in pairs. They should be approximately 66″ off the floor to the bottom of the light.