Prep Your Electric For Winter

During the winter, your electrical systems may do more work than you realize. There are power plug outlets, lighting and the holiday season to contend with, so it can really be worthwhile to check up and stock up your electrical system before winter sets in. Our electrical store in Westmoreland County can help you prepare your home or business for the electrically strenuous months ahead. From fuses to electric panels to security lighting, to circuit breakers to ground fault outlets, we have got you covered! Here are some of the aspects of your electrical system to pay extra attention to before and during winter:

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Outdoor Outlets

Test your current outdoor outlets or install new ones to make sure you are easily able to connect your holiday lights, flood lights or leaf blower to the outside of your house. You should also consider installing GFCI outlets, or ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in place of all your non-GFCI outdoor outlets. Doing so will ensure a much safer holiday season when it comes to your holiday decorations and outdoor lights.

Lighting Evaluation

With the days getting shorter, highly effective lighting both indoors and outdoors is essential. During the holiday season you may also want to incorporate special holiday lighting. Lighting can account for up to 20% of your home electricity usage. However, switching to energy efficient lighting can save a significant amount of electricity and help your home conserve energy. It is also important your fuses and circuit breakers are in good shape before you add more lighting. Choosing the right lighting installations and fixtures can be challenging, but the experts at our electrical store can help you make the right choices for your home and needs.

Inadequate outdoor lighting during the darker winter season can also become a hazard. Landscape lighting is essential to not only illuminate your home, but to ensure the safety of you and your family during the darker months.

Our lighting and electrical experts can offer outdoor lighting that both complements your home and keeps your driveway, paths and stairs safe and well lit.

Electrical Panel

Is your electrical panel up to date? Do you have old circuit breakers that need replaced? Now is a great time to ensure your electrical panel is current with the latest codes. And, if you are considering selling your home anytime soon, this is all the more important.

You will want to fix or install these before the cold weather comes so check them and find replacements as soon as possible. At our electrical store we carry everything you need to update your electrical and lighting to enhance not only your home’s aesthetics but its safety as well.

When you’re ready to get started, please stop into our electrical store in Westmoreland County or browse our website for more information. We will be happy to help with whatever you need. If you have any questions, give Hummell Brothers a call at 724-523-3611 or contact us online.

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